Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

Integrated Services for Behavioral Health

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Project for Electronic Vision.

Integrated Services came to EV looking to go through a minor re-brand while they expanded operations throughout the Midwest. Part of this overhaul was a full redesign and rebuild of their website. Wordpress was chosen due to many project factors and a fully custom theme was developed by me to tackle the many challenges of the build. The result is a clean, fast, responsive site with limitless potential for expansion.

Some of what this project entailed..

  • An entirely custom responsive Wordpress theme based on a design mockup by the EV creative director.
  • The Customizer API is used to allow simple, real-time editing of many aspects of the site and design.
  • Shortcodes implemented to output some of the data entered by clients through the Customizer.
  • Javascript and PHP used to bridge gaps in core, plugin, and intended functionality.
  • Utilizes a set of premium plugins that we have come to trust at EV to provide additional functionality.