Ohio University - College of Arts & Sciences

Ohio University - College of Arts & Sciences

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Project for Electronic Vision.

A rebuild of the entire website for the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University, including its many departments, in the CommonSpot CMS. CommonSpot is a Cold-Fusion powered CMS that is jointly controlled by both the software vendor and the University IT staff. The site is fully responsive, and also features a management dashboard so that individuals from varying academic units can update various parts of their sites easily.

What I did on this project

  • Created a set of templates in CommonSpot that start with a base, and are abstracted out for specific page types.
  • Implement a custom responsive grid system based on the provided design.
  • Write various helper scripts using both vanilla Javascript and jQuery to address missing/overly-complex aspects of the CMS.
  • Create and document a full management dashboard for non-technical users.
  • Organize and conduct training sessions for University staff who will be updating various parts of the site.